The National Laboratory for Feedingstuffs in Lublin is engaged in activities in the field of science, research and development and implementation directed to the needs of state inspection and feed producers, in particular in the fields of:

  • development, verification and standardisation of methods for feed analysis in the field of non-target substances of vegetable origin, active substances of feed additives, and technological additives
  • evaluation methods of technological processes in feed production (in feed and the feed utilisation industry)
  • chemical and biological evaluation of feed materials and feed additives, in terms of their usefulness and safety of application

Currently-conducted research within the framework of statutory activity:

- elaboration and validation methods for determination vitamin B1 and B2 in feedingstuffs

- evaluation of mixture homogeneity

- performance characteristic of HGAAS  method for As and Se

- performance characteristic of the  method for determination of fiber fractions in feedingstuffs

- assessment of the risk of cross-contamination in feed production.


Research currently being conducted is within the Long-term Programme 2006-2010 - Task 3.1 Monitoring of animal feedingstuffs in terms of chemical comparition and  nutritive value.